What is Premature Ovarian Failure?

Premature ovarian failure (POF) is a condition of diminished fertility in women. POF is associated with low or poor reserve of eggs relative to what is expected at any given age.

A genetic cause for POF is present in approximately 20-30% of women diagnosed with the condition.  The FMR1 gene premutation is a significant risk factor for POF.  The FMR1 premutation is surprisingly common with approximately 1 in 150 women being premutation carriers.

However, women and their healthcare providers are often unsuspecting of these important genetic contributions to infertility.

Symptoms of POF

  • Irregular Periods
    • Features of Menopause (i.e. hot flashes)
      • Early Menopause (before age 40)


Why Evolve Genetic Fertility Screens?

Evolve Fertility Genetic Screens benefit men and women with a suspected genetic cause of infertility.  Screening may help increase your IVF success by identifying if there’s a genetic factor that could lead to IVF failures.

Genetic screening should be considered if you have:
Had failure to become pregnant after attempting for at least 6 months
A personal or family history of infertility


Gene Panel & Conditions List

It’s Important for All Women to Get Screened

Genetics underlies our physiology, therefore a complete understanding of infertility cannot be made until we evaluate the possible genetic factors behind it.  The Evolve POF FertilityReady Screen is intended for any woman with features of POF or a family history of the condition.

Professional medical societies including the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) and the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) have recommended women have genetic screening especially since most women with POF are either misdiagnosed or not diagnosed until their mid-30s when they experience difficulty conceiving a child.

What Do My Results Mean to Me?

There are many options available if results reveal you have a genetic cause for POF.

Results allow you to make informed reproductive healthcare decisions.

10% of women with POF can conceive, therefore results can guide your medical management while attempting a natural pregnancy with personalized hormonal therapies. Other couples may pursue a pregnancy with an egg donor and/or IVF.  All reproductive options can be discussed in greater detail with your healthcare provider.

Results are quick, accurate, and reliable to help improve your fertility success rate.