EvolveGene at ASRM2016

Genetic screening is changing healthcare by strides and in a personalized way with EvolveGene leading the way in Pre-IVF genetic fertility screening. Pre-IVF genetic fertility screening provides a comprehensive genetic risk assessment for males and females before they undergo the time and expense of IVF treatments. An estimated 50% of infertility cases are due to a genetic factor- with that in mind, EvolveGene has designed clinically relevant Pre-IVF genetic fertility screens that include chromosomal and mutation analysis. Genetic factors contribute to a significant amount of IVF failures and determining genetic defects as the 1st step allows specialized reproductive options and care that increases IVF success! EvolveGene is committed to making these advanced technologies accessible for patients and clinics globally and there was no better place to expand our mission than at the 2016 American Society for Reproductive Medicine Scientific Congress & Expo in Salt Lake City, UT, USA.

Annually, ASRM holds the premier reproductive medicine meeting that provides insights into state-of-the-art issues in reproductive medicine and science. More than 5,000 individuals attended the meeting from October 15th – 19th, and EvolveGene was proud to be an exhibitor. EvolveGene’s growing team of genetic counselors, fertility specialists, and scientific experts were on hand to answer questions about the importance of Pre-IVF genetic fertility screening. This new era in reproductive medicine and genetics garnered plenty of interest from IVF clinics and individual healthcare providers. More than 1,000 individuals stopped by EvolveGene’s booth.

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EvolveGene, we offer the most accurate Pre-IVF genetic fertility screens but place an emphasis on education for IVF clinics, healthcare providers, and patients. EvolveGene’s video library is continuously being updated. These videos serve as tools to better understand the advantages of Pre-IVF genetic fertility screening and how it can have an impact on patients. EvolveGene personnel held Q&A interviews during ASRM2016 which will be used to create a new educational video for our library, coming soon! Check out all EvolveGene’s videos on our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXyEEgYlXRzWjw5pXdivUXw

Thank you to all those who visited our booth!

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