Step 1: Purchase your kit.

A kit can be purchased through your physician’s office.

Select which screen best meets your needs.

Step 2: Provide a blood sample.

Your physician will obtain your blood sample and also fill out a requisition form for screening.  One or two tubes of blood are necessary depending on the screen selected.  Tightly seal the tube and be sure to label tube with two patient identifiers (e.g. DOB, first name/last name).

Step 3: Register kit online.

A secure portal has been designed for your physician to input your information easily while maintaining your privacy.  Please ensure all required fields are complete during the registration process.

Step 4: Ship back to us for screening.

Simply place your kit, with sample enclosed, in the prepaid courier shipping pouch.

Remember to keep your Evolve Post Card with your specific screen information!

Step 5: We will analyze your results with cutting edge technology.

All screens are performed in CLIA-licensed, CAP-certified laboratories in the U.S.A. using advanced sequencing and in-depth chromosome analysis.

Step 6: Receive Results Online

Results are available to review through the secure portal on

Step 7: Genetic Counseling

Complimentary genetic consultations for patients can be scheduled online via

Our board-certified genetic counselors will make sure you understand what your results mean for you.

Step 8: Create a Plan With Your Provider

Evolve Genetic Screens may impact your reproductive options.  Your results can be used when discussing these options with your physician and can guide medical management.

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